Our Purpose and Plan via Arithmosophy

Evita Myriam

  • Discover your Purpose and Plan via the spiritual science of Pythagorean Arithmosophy.
  • According to Pythagoras there are Namemakers in the Higher Planes who name us before incarnation, so that by our name’s numbers we may know our life’s purpose and plan.
  • In this book you will find unshakable simple Proofs of this, and you will also be able to find your own Purpose and Plan.
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  • ISBN: 978-618-5340-53-7  |  Pages 135  |  EPUB file






  • Arithmosophy is the spiritual science for self Knowledge, the gate to Initiation, and to the manifestation of our heart’s desires.
  • This book will show you what you are here to do, what is your path, your soul’s wishes, your character, your Pythagoras’ Arrows.
  • You will know the positive forces and challenges of each of your life’s cycles, and learn how to neutralise the challenges.
  • You will discover the qualities of events of each year, and understand how best to learn life’s lessons for a joyful, successful life.
  • We are all unique.
  • Arithmosophy will help you discern and intuit your uniqueness, and know how to express your unique message to the world through a life well lived.


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Myriam, Evita

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